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Henry was a boy of nine. He was born in a   41   family. His father was often ill and couldn’t go to work.  42   his mother worked in a factory. She worked hard and hoped to give her four children and husband   43   food and clothes. But she failed. Her family was sometimes   44  . Of course, she couldn’t send Henry to school. She was   45   it but she didn’t know what to do. The boy was very clever and taught himself to read and write and   46   at home in the evening. And in the daytime he was polishing(擦)shoes in the street, so he could make some   47   for his family.

One afternoon the boy saw a young man’s shoes were   48  , so he said to him, “ Let me polish your shoes.”

“No, thank you,” the young man said and walked   49  .

“You may pay me only one dollar, sir,” the boy shouted   50   him. But the young man said no again. Then the boy   51   for a while and told him that he would polish his shoes for nothing. The young man   52   to this, and soon one of his shoes was shining brightly. The man   53   the other shoe to the boy, but the boy said no to polish it if he wasn’t paid two dollars for his work. The young man refused(拒绝)to   54   anything on it and went away.

But his shoes were so different that he had to   55  . He turned back and gave the boy two dollars. In a very short time the shoe was as bright as the other one.

(    ) 41. A. happy         B. lucky          C. rich            D. poor

(    ) 42. A. Only          B. Except         C. Or             D. Because

(    ) 43. A. much          B. little            C. enough         D. no

(    ) 44. A. full            B. hungry          C. happy           D. pleased

(    ) 45. A. afraid of       B. sorry for        C. useful to        D. friendly to

(    ) 46. A. play          B. swim           C. count           D. sleep

(    ) 47. A. books       B. clothes          C. shoes           D. money

(    ) 48. A. dirty          B. clean            C. old             D. new

(    ) 49. A. over                B. away           C. out            D. in

(    ) 50. A. under               B. above           C. in front of      D. behind

(    ) 51. A. thought      B. read            C. wrote          D. saw

(    ) 52. A. liked          B. agreed          C. worried        D. surprised

(    ) 53. A. threw               B. passed          C. kicked           D. showed

(    ) 54. A. pay         B. cost            C. spend          D. give

(    ) 55. A. stop                B. run             C. hurry off       D. fly away

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